KL electric operating table

KL-D·III electric operating table is suitable for various operations in medical units.
The bed surface is made of high-quality carbon plastic board, and the table surface can be moved longitudinally, which can meet the needs of C-arm whole body inspection and filming.
The mattress is wrapped in imported artificial leather, and high-density memory foam is formed at one time without any gaps.
It adopts electro-hydraulic working principle, controls various actions through remote control and panel, and has self-locking function.
The hydraulic system adopts imported brand from Germany HOERBIGER.
AC and DC dual purpose, CPU control, with one-key reset function.
With one key to form "∧" shape and "∨" shape, which is convenient for operation.
Imported sealing ring, durable.
The table support frame is made of die-casting aluminum alloy, which will never rust.
The base and rails on both sides are made of 304 stainless steel.
The electric brake device facilitates the displacement of the operating table.
The leg plate is split-leg type and controlled by imported gas spring.


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