Integrated shadowless operatio

KL500, 500 overall operation shadowless lamps are suitable for the needs of various surgical occasions, and are ideal surgical lighting equipment for modern operating rooms and clean operating rooms.
The titanium alloy boom is not welded, and the appearance is beautiful, and the rotation is more flexible and convenient.
Removable handle cover for easy cleaning and disinfection.
The matte panel made of imported materials makes the light softer.
Imported switching power supply is used to control the voltage, so that the working voltage is always in a stable state.
Special heat-tight radiant filter can reduce heat to a minimum.
The multi-scale reflector made of imported aluminum plate has no coating and will never fade.
Imported brand-name lamp holders, bulbs, the average service life of the bulbs is more than 1500 hours
The dimming circuit adopts CPU control, and the light zone can be adjusted uniformly in increments and decrements, and has the function of brightness memory.
Single lamp holder with dual bulb design, when the main bulb fails, the auxiliary bulb will automatically switch and light up, and there will be a warning that the main and auxiliary bulbs are damaged.


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