Coling Positive Energy Zhao Yahao's role model

Release time:2021-01-22 16:44:39


   At around 9:50 am on August 23, 2019, Zhao Ya from Jiangsu Keling Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. just arrived in Nantong on a high-speed train. While waiting to board the taxi at the taxi stand, he found that the body of a male passenger in front of him was abnormal: his head Ascends, the body twitches, the body leans, and gradually loses consciousness.
   Zhao Ya hurriedly supported the patient, put him on the ground, pinched the middle part of the patient at the same time, and then carried the patient into the taxi together with other passengers. Considering that the driver, Master Jiang Jianxin, was inconvenient to deal with the accident on the road alone, he took the initiative to ask Master Jiang to take the patient to the hospital.
   Zhao Ya put the patient's head on her lap
   After the vehicle started, the patient foamed and had vomit. Worried about blocking the trachea, he raised the patient's head. After that, the patient started to breathe smoothly.
   After driving for about a quarter of an hour, the taxi came to Nantong First People's Hospital. Master Jiang sent the patient to the door of the emergency room through the 120 emergency channel, and then got off the car and called for doctors and nurses. Zhao Ya assisted the nurse to carry the patient onto the emergency cart.

   Nantong First People's Hospital opens up a green rescue channel
   Upon learning of the patient’s condition, the hospital immediately opened the green channel, saving the person first without charging any money. Master Jiang and Zhao Ya left with confidence.
▲Master Jiang Jianxin, a kind driver
  Zhou Xingwen, a nurse in the emergency department of Nantong First People's Hospital, said: Because the patient was unconscious when he was admitted to the hospital, and could not find a valid certificate on his body, he opened a green channel, and all expenses were advanced by the hospital. After the patient woke up, he asked his mobile phone password and contacted his relatives.
   An article on Nantong traffic broadcast that day was called [Nuan Wen! Nantong’s brother and Yangzhou guy joined forces to help patients with sudden illnesses in Dongtai] The article was reposted wildly in the circle of friends.
      Netizens praised Zhao Ya and Jiang Jianxin.
   On August 26, as soon as Zhao Ya returned to the company, the company awarded Zhao Ya a trophy and a certificate of honor.
   ▲The company issued a certificate of honor to Zhao Ya
   When colleagues asked about the actions at the time, Zhao Ya said that he really didn't think about anything. Everything came from instinct. He just wanted to quickly send the patient to the hospital. It is important to save people.
   A relay of love, let the patient turn the crisis into peace. Zhao Ya used his practical actions to tell everyone that "Let love illuminate the future" is the mission that Keling people have always adhered to. Let us once again pay tribute to all the medical staff, thank them for escorting lives at all times! ! !

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