Manual medical pendant

KL-T·IIBM medical pendant is an indispensable medical auxiliary equipment in modern clean operating room, general operating room and ICU intensive care unit. Various medical gases, strong and weak electricity, and network output terminals are integrated on the console. The platform and drawer can hold a certain weight of medical equipment
The cross arm of the pendant tower and the control box adopt patented technology, imported high-strength aluminum alloy is formed by one-time extrusion, and the surface is first-level oxidation treatment.
The aluminum alloy one-time forming tray has a light-stripe non-slip function.
Mechanical friction damping brakes.
The gas pipeline, power supply, and computer communication line are separated and arranged without interference.
Adopt German standard gas terminal (plugging and unplugging more than 20,000 times).
With horizontal rotation function, precise positioning without drift.


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