Manual wheelchair

Monitoring type handbrake, handbrake device, convenient to push the wheelchair of the caregiver to brake.
The seat cushion and backrest can be quickly removed for easy cleaning or replacement.
Detachable wheels, when stowed, are small in size and convenient for use and driving.
The frame is made of 6061 aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the surface is painted, which is beautiful, light and corrosion-resistant.
Movable armrests, the armrests can be lifted backwards with a light touch of the lock button.
The aluminum-magnesium armrest ring is high-grade and beautiful, strong and durable.
There are brakes on both sides.
The pedal is detachable and the angle can be adjusted. The pedal can not only adjust the height according to the user's needs, but also can rotate inside and outside to adjust the angle.


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