Medical nursing delivery bed

The KL-CB·I type medical nursing delivery bed is a warm delivery bed specially designed for various stages of nursing care of obstetric patients. It is suitable for recuperating and waiting for delivery of obstetrics and gynecology. It can also be used for general surgery during delivery. The delivery bed can easily change the chair position, provide sufficient comfort for the delivery process of the parturient, simple operation, and bring more convenience and support for the midwife
Imported brand LINAK motor, control various actions through the control panel on both sides of the guardrail.
The design of the control panel on the inner side of the guardrail allows the parturient to control part of the movement by themselves.
(The inner control panel can be locked)
Imported central control double-sided casters, central locking control, quiet and wear-resistant, stable movement, one-foot brake.
The split-type mattress is made of imported artificial leather wrapped with high-density memory foam and formed at one time without any gaps.
With ultra-low function.
The fast CPR control lever can quickly return the backrest to the initial position in an emergency.
The foot board can be raised and lowered electrically, and can be folded upwards and outwards.
The foot plate and the leg support can be quickly and freely switched to meet the needs of different scenarios.


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