Gynecology table

KL-FS electric gynecological table is suitable for prenatal examination, childbirth and surgery
Imported brand LINAK motor controls various actions.
The handheld controller and the foot controller are independent of each other and easy to operate.
The leg support can be folded up and down electrically.
Unique appearance design, beautiful and generous.
All-stainless steel concealed auxiliary table, flexible in expansion and contraction.
Equipped with hidden stainless steel dirt basin.
The bed surface is made of high-density memory foam by one-step foaming, with no gaps.
The pedal brake device facilitates the displacement of the operating table.
The base is made of high-strength ABS one-time molding, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
One pair of leg support, one pair of curved handle bars, one stainless steel dirt basin, one handheld and one foot remote control, one power cord


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